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Letter to the Editor: Vote “no” on Amendment B

Politicians always want more money, your money, they cannot help themselves, we the people MUST hold them responsible; Gallagher and Tabor are methods to do just that.

Rather than any attempt to slow spending, politicians, Democrats in particular, always want to raise taxes, they must be held accountable by laws like Gallagher and Tabor, politicians cannot, or will not, do it on their own.

This is not the time to be raising taxes on Coloradoans, we are witnessing the disastrous effect of 8 years of an anti-energy President combined with tyrannical Democrat Governors our the state, now, as both houses of the legislator are controlled by Democrats, with a Democrat Governor who would rubber stamp anything placed before him,  keeping control , is more important than ever. Remember, energy companies in Moffat county, at one time, paid about 80% of taxes, the top 10 taxpayers were all energy related, coal, oil, and gas, as well as power plants. Drive them out, close them down, somebody must make up some of the difference and that somebody is you.

We have had multiple years of Democrat control, given the opportunity, this democrat-controlled cabal will have Colorado in the same mess as other Democrat controlled states, broke and all of the high wage earners moving out, leaving the tax bill to you and I. I give you the mass exodus from California, NY, and NJ as examples. Fiscal responsibility from politicians is hardly ever attempted anymore, today it seems the politician who promises the most, is more popular than those who value responsibility. We must keep control of our state, now is the time for fiscal responsibility, not left-wing, “green new deal” pipe dreams.

For those who do not believe those in control will use their power to further the agenda of the left, consider the disastrous actions against energy, real energy, and don’t forget YOUR second amendment rights, legislation crammed thru because there were not enough with common sense to stop them. The left has an agenda, it is on full display in our cities that are burning, all are Democrat controlled.

Rising taxes, whether on individuals or landlords, will affect those least able to afford it, either by higher taxes or higher rent, the result is the same.

Remember, special interest groups and businesses will have the ability to lobby your representatives, you do not, many politicians will sell their soul and you too, to the highest bidder.

Vote no on Amendment “B”

J.M. Huber,


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