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Letter to the Editor: Thank you, peaceful protestors

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all the peaceful protesters who gathered at Alice Pleasant Park on Friday to show support for George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. It does my heart good to see people coming together in solidarity all over our country to protest injustices that have been occurring for far too long. American racism is a difficult issue for some to come to terms with, but it is time that our country deals with one of its original sins. This is an issue that everyone ought to take notice of, I for one applaud the efforts of the protesters and ask everyone to keep marching.

For those of the opinion, that unless its “All Lives Matter” or nothing. I hope you realize how disrespectful that statement is to people of color. This is part of the problem for which people are protesting. As if engagement is only possible if white people are heard first and that their concerns and fears are more important than the people being murdered by the police. This is a failure to acknowledge to problem for what it is. This type of thinking has never produced a positive result. Is this not the very definition of white privilege? Or is it one human race subjugating another human race as inferior, so there may be some repulsive justification to abuse them? Yes, everyone has the right to express their opinion, even if that opinion is rooted in racism, and yes, we have the right to express the fact that you have a racist point of view or at the very least are exhibiting the symptoms of a racist. I urge people to research the rise of slavery on this continent.

That this type of treatment was purposefully done. How systemic racism formed our country. The fact that African’s were the only race brought to this country for the sole purpose of creating the wealth of white people, and how the enslavement of human beings formed the foundation of our economic, judicial, and educational systems.

Not to mention the complete destruction of the family core. Is it such a surprise that the very people being abused in such systems are the ones asking for reform, and have been asking for reform for hundreds of years? It is not a radical or extreme idea that, we the minorities, subscribe to the notion that we are not the subjects of the white population.

I urge all people of every race, to activate themselves, especially all our white brothers and sisters, so we, as a whole are able tolive up to our American ideals. That all have a chance at the American dream without the unwarranted fear of being murdered by the very people sworn to protect and serve them. We all can do better!

Solomon R. Herrera
Craig, Co

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