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Letter to the Editor: Seeing ranchers like I do

To the ranchers of Moffat County, I hope the world sees you as I do.

“The Rancher”

His shoulders are pulled back, and set to carry whatever weight he might be asked to bare.

His stride is strong and he walks with such purpose that you can’t tell he favors a knee from that colt accident last spring.

His eyes are always scanning, looking to see what needs to be done.

His smile meets you with a genuine feel of love, and sort of reminds you of a place called home.

His hands hold stories in each scar, callous and blister, yet it doesn’t make them any less giving for he always lends a hand.

His stature may not look gym driven, but there’s a toughness from within. His body is more capable than explainable because of the drive in his DNA.

He will lead you on the dance floor, on the daily and when crisis strikes the town, but at his neighbors branding he will humbly follow suit.

The creases around his eyes, and the stern in his brow; whisper secrets of the sorrows & struggles he keeps to himself. For it’s not easy to be the one who makes the call. Putting livestock or pets down. Losing a calf or the family dog. Watching drought set him back two years or seeing a market drop just before his best haul.

Thing is, he wouldn’t change it… for the wonders of those good days. Seeing his kids dragging calves to fire, or watching them bring in the hay. There’s no bigger sense of pride for him, than in keeping the old west alive.

It’s a shame they can’t just leave him be, to tend the land and the livestock, on a place he considers sacred, the place grandpa had called home.

He’s never gone out of his way to step on another mans livelihood. His daddy taught him respect and the simple concept of, to each their own.

Yet here we are in a new age, where they’re after the God fearing, working man.

But I’m asking you to consider, just where we would be… without the man willing to work so hard with absolutely no guarantees. Who will sit with the dying and care for the sick? Who will feed the growing nation and see to the fields coming green? Who will keep on keeping on …when the world has no stability left? Who will work when the world is collapsing at your feet?

Loy Aisling Jones

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