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Letter to the Editor: Protect and Serve?

As of this writing the number of COVID-19 cases in Craig are at 26 confirmed cases. It’s sad that the general public is left to defend themselves against an unseen danger.

In most instances where the public is threatened we call for the help of law enforcement. A few weeks ago local law enforcement stated that they would not enforce the state mandate to the wearing of face masks. Correct me if I’m wrong , but aren’t law enforcement officers supposed to “Protect and Serve?”

I am staunchly against defunding the police . It seems when there are tax cuts education and law enforcement take the hit. So, what are we to do when law enforcement refuses to uphold their oath of office?

Anyone in government, no matter of their political beliefs, should defend the public.

Going back as far as we have had laws and those who enforce laws, when they fail to follow their oath/job, that unfortunately forces a vigilante state of mind.

Many states and cities are instituting fines against those who are irresponsible in not wearing facial protection. The public at least is somewhat protected against an unseen enemy (COVID-19).

I realize that it is a mandate and not a law. But we should all be responsible and mature enough to realize we need to protect those around us and wear the prescribed protection.

And if the need arises our law enforcement should be there to Serve and Protect. And if they wish not to then perhaps a new career choice should be considered. 

Leonard A. Zaragoza,


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