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Letter to the Editor: Local ballot concerns

     Included within Colorado’s packed Ballot are a handful of Measures which focus exclusively on local initiatives. These Measures carry likely consequences and should be given cautious consideration.

     BALLOT MEASURE (1A) is asking to extend the Term Limits for the office of Moffat County Sheriff. The present ‘Two Term limit’ is necessary to keep fresh Individuals, ideas, and perspectives in public offices. It ensures that no one individual can focus more on holding a position and a certain level of authority, than representing the public. Decisions will be made more carefully, because the servant in the position will again return to the citizenship after two terms without the title or authority. A ‘Two Term Limit’ has been the Colorado Legislative Standard under Article XVIII of the Colorado Constitution for many decades and should continue to be the standard in Moffat County. Once a variance is allowed for one Electoral Position, there will be no end in the effort to extend term limits for additional Electoral Positions, the proverbial Pandora’s Box will be open. When Term Limits are extended, Electee’s tend to focus more on retaining a job with less dedication to the Oath of Office and their positions requirements. New ideas and changes go on hold until the next transfer of position. Cherry picking certain Electoral Positions for extended Term Limits based on friendship or the likability of a current Electee is extremely reckless and threatens the integrity of such positions while burdening the Community with potential long-term consequences.  A NO VOTE on BALLOT MEASURE (1A) will retain the established ‘Two Term Limit’ standard within Moffat County while minimizing the possibility of malfeasance within an Electoral Position. A NO VOTE on BALLOT MEASURE (1A) will promote individual opportunity and fresh ideas within an Electoral Position while fostering a safe and prosperous future for Moffat County.

      BALLOT MEASURE (2E) is asking to remove the presentation timeline for our Communities ‘State of the City Address’.  This Measure is intended to remove the Mayors accountability on providing a public report concerning the ‘State of the City’ within a scheduled and reasonable time-frame.  The current City Charter states the Mayor will provide a ‘State of the City Address’ within ninety days of the annual budget approval. The reasoning behind the current City Statute is based upon the budget being the main indicator of the condition of the City, listing revenue, spending, and projections. This time-frame is necessary to communicate the ‘State of the City’ on an apple to apples comparison from one year to the next while minimizing the possibility of ‘cherry picking’ a time and content’ and eliminating the possibility of back to back Addresses leading to a two year span with no Address. This Ballot Measure lacks reason and can be considered nothing short of rash. This Measure is not in the best interest of the Community. A NO VOTE on BALLOT MEASURE (2E) will maintain a level of accountability within our local government while retaining a reasonable and necessary time-frame in which the Community Residents can expect a ‘State of the City Address’.      I hope our Local Electorate looks mindfully at these two Measures for they benefit only the individuals who hold the positions. These Measures hold no value when considering what is in the best interest of our Moffat County and City Residents. The remaining local Amendments to the City Charter seem to have been pulled from the pit of hypocrisy and are equally as concerning as they will likely discourage experience and expertise in several City positions with forced residency requirements

Dave Wallace,


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