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Letter to the Editor: Don’t ask others to pay for your rec center play time

I have been reading the article about the proposed maintenance nightmare that some call a rec center.

My biggest issue with this is the tax these people want to pay for building their play place.

In the article it states: “However, to offset some of these costs, the district will charge fees for the rec center and its programs (such as using annual, family or day passes and for facility rentals), which are expected to generate revenue.”

I think if these rec center people want this facility, then they should get it through user and member fees only. To ask others to pay for your play place, is not just wrong, but in fact very rude.

I do not ask anyone to pay for my recreation, I pay my user and membership fees to enjoy my game/sport and am happy to do so. I volunteer extra monies at times, and my time towards work to help keep my place of recreation open and operating.

Those that are not willing to attain the place for their form of recreation on their own, do not deserve to have one, and should not be allowed one.

Why are there no indoor pools in Craig? Because the maintenance on them makes them to be a financial dead weight forcing them to be shutdown. The same will be true with any pool that is built.

It might be different if this area was booming like it was in the 1980s, when money seemed to be flying out of the ground. But that is not the case. This area is desperate for money, and this situation will only continue to get worse. Putting the city/county $25+ million in debt is completely ridiculous, and a slap in the face to tax payers.

If people want to put their money towards a good and fruitful use, Put it towards the school district. So we have the means to properly educate the children so they do not make silly mistakes like promoting a maintenance nightmare called a rec center.

Allen Hischke


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