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Letter to the Editor: Appealing to Moffat County residents

Some ranchers and farmers in Oregon recently noticed a full-page, color ad in the Oregonian (our state’s largest circulation newspaper) that an organization called the Western States and Tribal Nations Natural Gas Initiative purchased. We think your readers should know that the Moffat County Commissioners supported and helped pay for that political ad.

The purpose of this $12,000+ ad was an attempt to convince our Governor Kate Brown that the Jordan Cove LNG project would be the best thing to happen to Oregon. The ad shamefully even used the Covid-19 pandemic’s devastating effects on us to attempt to justify the project.

But it was very evident that the reason for the ad was to help solve the Colorado problem of “stranded gas” as you call it, and provide the opportunity to ship gas ultimately across Oregon through the proposed Pacific Connector Gas pipeline for export to Asia.

Let us be very clear: there are more than 90 Oregon landowners along the route of that pipeline that are opposed to it crossing their property. For some, the pipeline will affect their domestic water supply; for others it will affect their livestock operations. Among the many reasons that Oregon landowners are opposed to the pipeline, there is one that we all agree on: the project would trample on our individual property rights.

Oregon landowners, like rural folks in Colorado, are largely a conservative group. The idea that Pembina, a Canadian company has received authorization from our federal government to take these properties through eminent domain so the company can transport Canadian gas across our state to make a profit just seems un-American to us. Oregon would not get any of the gas, nor would we even want it.

Many of these affected Oregon landowners are ranchers or own family farms, like many of the rural residents in Moffat County. These landowners, farmers and ranchers are mostly elderly, 75% are over 65 years of age; 95% are over 55 and are dead set against their property being taken. I mean they’re fightin’ mad, probably like landowners around the Craig area would be if the government gave authority to a company to “take” their land.

It would be similar to the federal government giving Walmart the authority to take one of the ranches near Craig to build a new Superstore.

We wonder if there may be some hypocrisy in your support of this proposal, Commissioners Cook, Beck and Brown. You wouldn’t want your private land in Colorado taken for private profit, but then why is it okay if it happens in Oregon?

We appeal to your readers in Moffat county that may disagree with your commissioners and are troubled that they support this injustice. We ask you to stand with us Oregon landowners and help us fight the Jordan Cove project. Please help us protect our beloved salmon, clear rivers and, our private property. Let your commissioners know how you feel. The editor of the paper has our personal contact information if you would like to contact us.

Larry and Sylvia Mangan, Lone Rock Ranch
North Bend, Oregon

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