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Letter to the editor: A vote for the ambulance district

Letters to the Editor

Vote for 6A and 6B

Over the past 35 years I have worked with many talented individuals within the walls of the old and new hospital facilities. Everyone up on that hill has dedicated their lives to make certain anyone crossing the threshold of the Emergency Department gets the best care that can be given; however, you have to make it to the ED for us to be able to help. A quality Emergency Medical System (EMS) is that first step in getting there for many, and we have that right now.

Having a highly skilled, well equipped EMS is a priority for any community, with our recreational opportunities, hunting, ranching, and the fact we are at the crossroads of two major highways, the EMS becomes even more valuable in this isolated rural area.

The proposed Health Service District (HSD) will provide a future for EMS in Moffat County for years to come, stopping the ping-pong effect it has experienced in the 70 years of its existence. This one entity has been passed from the Fire District, to the city, to the county, and currently (for now) to the hospital that has funded and housed it for the past 30-plus years. The HSD will assure, through the citizens that it serves, an ambulance will respond and deliver you to our threshold during those most desperate moments.

For the first time in history, Dinosaur will get an equipped Ambulance service of their own. Currently, they wait 35 minutes or more for response from Vernal. The opportunities to save lives in the most remote corners of our 5,000 square-mile county wil be increased when trained medical assistance is available and nearby. Craig’s EMS will have a place to call home along with the funding necessary to expand and improve.

This is our chance as a community to come together to give our Craig EMS a permanent home and vastly improve those who lie beyond. It gives us all, should the time of need arise, a fighting chance at survival. It gives the visitors and travelers that same chance should they find themselves in peril when passing through our county. It further gives people seeking to relocate the security that help is nearby when necessary.

Please join me and the dedicated individuals of our medical community in voting YES for 6A and 6B on Nov. 2.

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