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Letter to the Editor: A double whammy


Depending upon the results of the presidential election, local tax and fee increases may be the least of our concerns, but we have four local entities looking to increase our taxes.  A possible recreation district, a possible ambulance district, the river district and the school district all looking for money from a shrinking economy and likely, a shrinking population.  

We already voted in a higher sales tax for the city and we are looking at current and future increases in electricity, water, sewer, trash, fuel and food prices.

We are staring at a global pandemic and a possible 2nd Great Depression. And Craig gets a double whammy with the closing of the mines and power plant.

At our house, we use Twin Enviro for trash service to save money, but that’s just one thing.  Somebody please explain to me where people are supposed to come up with extra money.  Right now, a person is very fortunate to just have a job.

Some things have improved this year.

The flowers around town are the best ever!  The new signs that just got put up around town look very nice as well.  The downtown area store fronts and street corners are another real plus.  And I haven’t seen it for myself, but I hear that the Yampa Building is coming together nicely.

As a side note, I’ve been trying to get Kroger to either build a new store or expand the existing City Market.  I’ve gotten nowhere with Kroger management in Denver.  Seriously, the exterior paint is peeling more and more and there’s no social distancing inside, as the aisles are so narrow.

There’s not enough space and that means less space for food products and less selection.  If you would like to call Kroger corporate offices and complain, here’s their contact number: (303) 778-3100.  Maybe if enough of us say something, Kroger will get off of dead center.

John Kinkaid,


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