Letter to the editor

Letters to the Editor

A Call for EMS Service

I grew up in the small town of Buena Vista, which used to be a lot like Craig. Like any rural community, it was impossible to get through the grocery store without running into someone you knew. This had its perks, but that all changed when the death of my younger brother made the local newspaper.

My brother, Patrick, was eight when he flipped our ATV into an irrigation ditch and ultimately drowned. I was the first one to find him, and was the one to call 911. At eleven, I was the ‘first responder’ to my brother’s accident. I have lived with this fact throughout my life and am reminded of it every time I respond to a call now as an EMT.

For me, and all my co-workers, being in EMS is a calling. We strive to help our community to the best of our ability in every given situation. We try to be the calm in the storm during people’s worst days. Lately, when I’ve been responding to emergencies, my heart aches at the thought of how our community would survive with reduced or limited ambulance and EMS services.

Everyone thinks of the tough calls, the major emergencies that require lights and sirens, and the fastest response we can possibly have. I think of those who simply call for a little help when they’re down. I think of our community members that need help because their legs failed them for just a second, and they ended up stuck on the floor.

I am fighting for the Moffat County Health Services District, not just because I want to keep my job, but because I love serving this great community. I wish to continue to be there to provide the best possible care, especially for those who live in remote and rural areas in the County. Without the Health Services District to fund and support EMS services, the truth is most of us will be forced to leave and fulfill our purpose in another community.

None of us got into this field for praise or a paycheck. We answered the call for service. All we ask is for our community to support us and understand that this measure is desperately needed. Please vote yes on 6A and 6B on November 2nd so that we may continue to answer the call and be there to help all of you.

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