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Hospital and EMS?

I’ve received both survey’s from the hospital. One by text the other by Email. Why is the hospital pushing for so much information (questions felt very one-sided, no openness to them) if there is a council formed to gather, talk and review for furthering the ambulance service for the county? Will the survey be, in its entirety, forwarded to the council — including the comments made in the comment section?

Upon talking to several others, there is some speculation that the hospital is already receiving funds from the county to be utilized by EMS Services.

What is the yearly calls made in Moffat county split out by types? Example: help, crashes, first responders, trauma and ALS? The ambulances should be staffed accordingly. Each rig should have a EMT-I/Paramedic and an EMT B. If a patient requires the skill of both personnel, that is when a police officer or fireman would do the driving. The hospital supplies the information that the public has seen so far, how about letting the appointed group have the time to put this together and report their findings to the public prior to putting it to a vote?

As for funding EMS, if a tax is needed I believe it should be a sales tax so that ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNTY contribute. Shoppers, hunters, visitors and overall population including non-property owners. If funded by tax, then it should be free for everyone. What happens to the bills made to insurance companies and how is this money being utilized by Moffat County EMS?

In summary, let the group do its due diligence in an unbiased conclusion that the community willing to enact.

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