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Let’s Get Together!

Lance Scranton

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, getting together was as natural as breathing in the cool, crisp Colorado morning air. Getting together has taken on a whole new meaning in our communities and homes now that the grip of COVID has wrapped its fingers around just about every part of our lives. From businesses to ballrooms; the people we once thought it was natural to want to be around can suddenly turn into something we would never have recognized just a few years ago.

Christmas means many things to many people differently but one thing that has always accompanied the holiday season is getting together to spread the seasonal cheer. For sure, we have some disagreements about a whole bunch of stuff in our community, state, and country, but the next few weeks have always been a time of just easing back on the rhetoric and enjoying some time with food, family, friends and having a little bit of fun.

As variants strike without warning, we are all on guard and aware that invisible enemies can take away the opportunities we once had to practice traditions and participate in joyful celebrations of giving and receiving. It has been really weird to watch politicians espouse the legitimacy of their preferred worldview when it comes to how to protect oneself from viral infections. None of us wants to get sick, be sick, spread sickness, or battle sickness, because in the back of our mind we start to wonder if, “this is it!” But, we can be hopeful, and during this time, all we can really do is wish each other tidings of gladness and joy.

Wrapped up in our worries, we can still make a difference in the lives of others by giving a little bit more to those who struggle with seasonal financial or mental health issues. It’s not too much to ask that no matter what you think about vaccines, social distancing, or masks; someone out there can use a helping hand — without the judgmental pondering of our particular worldview.

‘Tis the season to be jolly — however we determine what that might look like — but please look around and make the choice to get a little bit outside our fears and reach out however you can to those who really need your particular and unique helping hand. It’s a big world full of opportunities to do something that will restore our confidence in people, and it might not be how we are used to doing things, but we can still get together!

Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas!

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