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Len Browning: Reader supports coroner candidate

When thinking about the attributes and qualifications for the position of Moffat County coroner many things come to mind. I would like to address three of the most important: motivation, capability and availability.

As young as he is, Jesse Arthurs has been involved in the mortuary business for 20 years. Jesse began working occasionally with his uncle, Ron McElroy, and Bruce Zobel, and later, Owen Grant, when he was still in high school. After graduating from MCHS, Jesse obtained his associate of applied science degree in mortuary science from Arapahoe Community Collegeand worked for Grant Mortuary before taking a job in Delta, Colorado, where he worked for nine years.

Rather than having a morbid fascination with death, Jesse has a special compassion for people and especially those experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Jesse does not need supplemental income or the county’s generous benefit package — he wants to make sure the deceased and their survivors are cared for with dignity, compassion and professionalism.

Jesse is properly motivated.

During the nine years he worked in Delta, he was the assistant coroner in a county three times more populous than Moffat.

For Jesse, accurately performing the duties of coroner will not be an “on-the-job” training exercise.

Jesse is precisely capable.

As far as availability, Jesse’s chosen career in the mortuary business and his position of funeral home director lend themselves perfectly to responding in a timely way to our need for a coroner.

The position of deputy coroner is statutory, however. If you join me in supporting Jesse Arthurs for Moffat County coroner, the coroner will become the primary responder to death calls, especially after hours, and the deputy coroner will be the secondary responder, as it should be and not the other way around, as currently is the case.

I ask you to join me in supporting Jesse Arthurs for Moffat County coroner.

Len Browning