Lance Scranton: Who will save us now? |

Lance Scranton: Who will save us now?

Lance Scranton
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According to those who know what is going on locally, we are about to be gifted with a minor economic boom in our very own city.

Craig City Council recently voted to allow shops that sell marijuana to open and it appears that the decision is about to be realized. From three to the possibility of seven are the numbers that I am hearing from some locals. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen economically once the stores open, but it will surely bring about some changes in our local business community.

We live in an interesting time and place in history whereby we are more than a little bit concerned about the pitfalls of living in a county that has become the poster community for dirty air, energy, and whatever else offends the senses of the climate alarmists.

Now we are to become just one more of the communities whose future will be redeemed by the selling of marijuana. It’s legal and it’s the future, we are told by those who stand to make a profit off of the lazy leaf. We’re in a particular type of bind because hanging over our head is the cloud of uncertainty about the future of our communities largest tax contributor, but Governor Polis has promised to come to the rescue.

Our current state leader, who has embraced just about everything coming out of the brilliant minds who currently reside in California, has made a commitment to help the dirty polluters of Moffat County. The Governor, and Tri-State, have determined that no matter what we will become a clean energy state. They will stamp out the last vestiges of cro-magnon methods of generating electricity. Surely over the next few years we will find out just exactly how much the state leaders care about Craig and Moffat County once we become their shining beacon of cleansed environmental success.

So, what do retail marijuana sales, Tri-State, and Governor Polis have in common for Craig and Moffat County? Each are making big promises that seem to have the least amount of benefit for our County, but the most amount of effect for a particular few individuals’ financial, business, and political advantage.

Most of us who make our home in Moffat County are now stuck hoping that we can figure out a way to keep our community sustainable and not fall prey to every idea that comes down the pipe that promises us hope and security for the future.

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