Lance Scranton: Try hard and don’t be afraid to fail |

Lance Scranton: Try hard and don’t be afraid to fail

Lance Scranton
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Just about every story you read is a reflection of human nature and a comment on the human condition.

One of the most serious issues facing our culture today is the common refrain that some people just try too hard. Kids in our community fall prey to a host of societal and cultural pressures to avoid really being determined to do something. Fed a constant diet of sayings like, “second place is first loser,” and a steady stream of people who make millions just sitting around making videos, it’s really easy to understand why young people get the idea that working hard might be something that people “used” to do.

Not to be outdone are the amount of debilitating messages sent to our youth through the medium of comedy. Dressing things up as humor really has an effect on all of us. Laughing at ourselves is a good thing but using jokes to make fun of the attitudes and attributes of the people who work hard has become an all too frequent theme.

If you dream big and work hard, you’re made fun of and should you take offense; “well, I was just joking!” It’s the fail safe excuse for berating, and trying to tear down other people’s hopes and dreams.

Young people have to be tough these days and almost all of them are affected by the negativity that is pervasive in our culture. But stories help give us a window into how the human condition is alterable by the powerful impact of others. The influence of events or circumstances that reveal a different possibility have often helped whole groups of people to make positive changes that affect an entirely different outcome.

Sometimes it takes just one of us to stand up and say that this isn’t how it has to be and people are given an excuse to do something other than deride others or make fun of those who try hard. Our community relies on the fact that young people will help fashion what our future looks like. Teaching students the reality that a small group of committed people who are determined to make a positive impact by just providing a different example for others to follow won’t follow automatically; some may never, but when people try hard to live out their dreams it makes for a much better world to live in because we all know that being negative takes a lot less energy and if you fail, it’s no big deal.

I hope that our children are getting support at school and in our community to always try hard and never apologize or feel alienated for pursuing life at full speed.

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