Lance Scranton: Saying thanks |

Lance Scranton: Saying thanks

Lance Scranton / For Craig Press
Lance Scranton
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Take a break from impeachment, climate change, and all the other emergencies that vie for our time and attention. This week we celebrate a time of thanksgiving built upon the tradition of a group of settlers and some natives who cooperated long enough to have at least one meal together.

People, regardless of skin color or country of origin, have never really gotten along well for any kind of extended period of time. Seems like something always happens that leads to a misunderstanding which is resolved in some kind of bloody battle. It’s too bad, but an unchanging part of human nature I suspect, because people have always had so many axes to grind.

The only axe that we should be sharpening this week is the one we use to chop some wood to enjoy a nice warm fire as we celebrate the fact that we have almost arrived at 2020 and we haven’t managed to destroy too much of what makes us a nation of fairly spoiled individuals.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a direct relationship between how much people complain and their sense of comfort and security with their surroundings.

When students in my class complain about things I always keep in mind that if they were living in some other country that was less tolerant, they wouldn’t feel as comfortable railing against the very things that have allowed them to be clothed, fed, protected, and educated.

Granted, the education part has increasingly become the object of scorn for some, but no matter your view, people in this country have all kinds of avenues to better themselves, should they choose.

It’s always been seen as cool, counter cultural, or “original” to disparage tradition and customs, but the “woke” movement has taken it to heights I never imagined. Just about everything we talk about, learn about, celebrate, or honor has some stain upon it making it not worthy of our recognition. Depending on your particular ancestry or culture, you’ve been a part of a grossly negligible crime against humanity for which you must be perpetually guilt-ridden over and make whatever reparation is demanded.

Times have certainly changed, but I’m still thankful that we have institutions and a form of government that allows each of us to individually determine that which we are thankful for and to whom we give thanks. Yes, it’s easy to rail against just about everything, but just take a day and be thankful.

When someone says something that you disagree with, just listen. When somebody cuts you off as your headed through town, take a deep breath. When a relative acts the way you would never, just smile. When the meal you looked forward to isn’t perfect, or what you expected, or it’s too loud, or the football game is on in the background, or somebody is mad, or another has had too much to drink…in the midst of it all, give thanks and make the season we are in a little less angry and a bunch more hopeful.

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