Lance Scranton: Higher and higher |

Lance Scranton: Higher and higher

Lance Scranton
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I’m one of the few remaining shovelers who stubbornly tells himself that no matter how much it snows; I can handle the accumulations on my driveway, deck, and sidewalks. But as the snow count keeps climbing, it’s more difficult to throw the snow over the top of the banks. I have no idea how much snow we have gotten this winter but it seems like we have to be reaching some kind of record. Still, all that snow and shoveling has given me lots of time to think about what has been happening in our county and Washington, D.C.

I liken some of the politicians that operate in our state and federal governments to the shovelers, they figure out where the snow needs to go and get to work putting the snow where it will be out of the way. They usually make nice piles around the areas that they are clearing off and try to make certain that the area is clear for walking and driving.

But some in our government are too often like the plows and bladers. They are in a hurry and this snow stuff is a hassle so it needs to get cleared out of the way as soon as possible. Pushing snow aside to clear the area is certainly faster and, one would suppose, more effective. However the amount of busted down signs, cracked sidewalks, and scraped up lawns doesn’t seem to be all that productive unless we just aren’t worried or are not concerned about those little issues while we are trying to clear a path.

Maybe I’m stretching my analogy but it seems like government these days are like the pushers and bladers who just want to get the job done regardless of the residual effects. The job is clearing snow but all the pushing things aside makes for some very real collateral damage which seldom seems to be a concern. Just get it out of the way so that we can move on to the next issue seems to be the accepted policy these days.

Nobody can argue that getting the snow out of the way and making things safer is not a good thing but depending on the size of the plow and the length of the blade; the force can do some major damage. Some people, and more than a few politicians, are more like the plows and just want to ram through a path on their way to expediency while some still understand that for every action there are consequences and more than a few are unintended.

I’m just a hick from the sticks who supports an impeached president but plowing away everything that has made our culture and country great seems like a bad idea. Maybe more shoveling would help people and politicians stay in touch with how their decisions affect others.

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