John Williams: Don’t let Colorado become next California |

John Williams: Don’t let Colorado become next California

By now, most have either heard of, or have seen the petition drive in action, for those who have signed the petition, we thank you for your participation. We still have close to a month to continue to collect signatures, for those who have yet to sign a petition, find a location today, time is running out. Only a few of the issues with Polis, he has signed into law a bill that essentially makes Colorado a sanctuary state, he has signed your vote away, giving it to the likes of California and NY, he is trying to sign into law an energy regulation bill that was very recently voted down by Coloradoans, a bill that would destroy Colorado’s energy industry, as with the large majority of Democrats, he is anti-coal, and finally he signed into law a “red flag law” removing your guaranteed right of due process, using mental illness as an excuse but failing to provide a thing for said mental illness, he is only after the guns. These are just a few of the issues, there are more, go to for more. His radical agenda has put our great state in jeopardy, ALL from northwest Colorado, regardless of political affiliation, are at risk, his stance on energy alone stands to destroy our county. Energy is the life blood of Moffat County, remember the top 10 tax payers are energy related. Let me put some numbers of this into perspective, he was elected only by roughly 1/3 of eligible voters, 2/3 of eligible voters either voted against him or did not vote at all, this is very doable. Gathering signatures has been gratifying, 99% are thrilled to see us, 95% of those thank us for what we are doing, 1% have enlightened us with childish and juvenile praise, some have graced us with their IQ score, and some have even offered pet names as they quickly speed away, remember you live here too and suffer the same as the rest of us. For those who were eligible and did not vote in the election, Polis is the cost of apathy or failure to vote for whatever reason. Failure on the part of Coloradoans to change the course set by Polis and his henchmen will make Colorado the next California, do not let this happen.

John Williams

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