John S. Kinkaid: Only in a small town |

John S. Kinkaid: Only in a small town

Last week, I stopped by Kester Jewelers at the end of the day to get a car key fob looked at. After a few minutes, Rich Tyser brought the key fob back out good as new.

Then, Rich asked me my name and showed me a watch he had found by going through old drawers and boxes. The watch had a manila tag on it with the name Don Kinkaid and said, “ready Saturday.”

Only in a small town would your dad’s old watch be returned after 25-plus years. My dad passed away in 1994, and now I have his watch. My sister teared up when I told her that we had dad’s watch. My wife was amazed that we got something of dad’s after all of these years.

I’m sharing this story, because Kester’s deserves recognition for what Rich did. Thank you, Rich Tyser, hometown hero.

John S. Kinkaid