John Kinkaid: Sheriff should step down as fire chief |

John Kinkaid: Sheriff should step down as fire chief

At the gym this afternoon, the guys got to talking about our sheriff also being the fire chief. The consensus was that Sheriff KC Hume is double-dipping Moffat County taxpayers and that he should keep his campaign promise from four years ago and step down from the fire chief position. It was also brought up that people are too afraid of retaliation to say anything publicly. I understand that; but am willing to speak up.

I’ve known KC Hume for some time now and have always had positive interactions with him. He is professional and very knowledgeable, and I enjoyed working with him. He was always helpful to the commissioners and cooperative. I’m sure that he still is. KC has been a good sheriff.

I really hope that KC does the right thing and passes the torch to the next chief at the fire department in the next couple of months. It’s a matter of principle. His new salary should be more than enough to get by on.

I also have another request of the fire department. You guys are great, but please, make your finances more transparent. Revenue. Expenses. Assests and liabilities. And the annual independent audit results.

The public has a right to know what the financial status is and not rely on gossip and rumors.

It’s the healthy thing to do.

John Kinkaid