John Kinkaid: Reader questions Rankin’s demeanor |

John Kinkaid: Reader questions Rankin’s demeanor

Bob Rankin is a poor choice for the House District 57 seat, and, if he should decide to run for the Senate District 8 seat in the future, he would also be a bad choice for that office.

I don’t remember the date, but about 3 1/2 years ago, I was verbally accosted by Bob Rankin at the Moffat County Courthouse. Rankin had asked for a meeting with the commissioners that morning. Bob said, “Don’t you ever miss a meeting that I call again!”

He lost his temper and ripped me up one side and down the other for missing his briefing. Chuck Grobe and Frank Moe were both able to meet with him. I had been on an extremely important conference call to save the 220 ColoWyo miner jobs and couldn’t attend. The call could not be missed, and we had two of the three of us to listen to Rep. Rankin’s briefing report. I asked Frank about the substance of the meeting and was briefed.

This behavior was disturbing on multiple levels. First, the commissioners meet at their convenience with other elected officials. It’s our meeting, not theirs. Second, I was a longtime financial supporter of Rankin’s election campaigns, and I was the only person in Moffat County to donate to Rankin in his first run. You can verify that on the secretary of state’s tracer website. I was also a contributor for his second campaign.

What elected official yells at a campaign donor, public official and constituent? We had no previous negative history together. I reported the confrontation to Jeff Comstock, in our office, and to Commissioner Moe, as well. I was flabbergasted.

I don’t believe that someone with a hair-trigger temper like that and personal judgment that poor should be elected to public office. Who has an ego that big and that easily bruised? Maybe Bob Rankin was just having a bad day that day, but even if that was the case …

And, he never apologized for coming unglued and threatening me.

My two cents and my experience. And, of course, I have my own flaws. This isn’t personal for me; I’m over it. I just think we can do better. I don’t want Bob Rankin to represent me anymore, and maybe you shouldn’t either.

I don’t care if he is on the Joint Budget Committee. Republican leadership put him on the JBC, because he had committed to only serving two terms. The idea was that he wouldn’t worry about the fallout of unpopular decisions.

This will be his fourth term.

John Kinkaid