Getting ready for the fair |

Getting ready for the fair

Diane Prather

By the time you read this, the 4-H shooting sports events will be taking place, marking the beginning of the 2017 Moffat County Fair. Over the next couple of weeks exhibitors and spectators will enjoy competitions, delicious food, entertainment, and visiting with neighbors.

Thoughts of the fair take me back to days when my siblings and I were 4-H members. I remember how excited I was for the fair to start, not only to exhibit my general 4-H projects, such as home furnishings, entomology, first aid and livestock, but to get to spend time with friends.

There’s still plenty to do in order to get ready for the fair events. Consider the following…

• At the fairgrounds livestock pens are being put up in the barns.

• People at the Moffat County Extension Office are checking entry books, getting name tags ready for superintendents and judges, checking out trophies and belt buckles, and getting ready to take entries.

• Gardening exhibitors are hoping that nothing happens to the just-ripening tomatoes before open class judging day.

• Local stores are seeing increased sales for display boards, markers, letters, and other materials necessary to prepare general 4-H projects for exhibit.

• Young exhibitors are putting last touches on their Lego masterpieces, in hopes of winning a ribbon during open class judging.

• Show boxes are being cleaned out from the last livestock shows and then restocked with the supplies that will be needed for the fair.

• 4-H and FFA exhibitors are practicing showmanship skills with their animals, making sure the animals will lead, “stand up,” or in the case of pigs, be “herded” around the exhibit ring.

• Market beef exhibitors are hoping that the summer days under air conditioning has promoted hair growth in their animals so that they can be beautifully groomed.

• 4-H dog exhibitors are putting in last minute practice with their animals to be sure they are trained to compete in the courses during the fair.

• People with home canning entries are busy preparing labels for their jars, making sure they include altitude and other required information.

• Tractor owners are dusting off their antique tractors, getting ready for the antique tractor pulls.

• Preparations are being made for the barbeque.

• 4-H members in clothing construction projects are putting finishing touches on garments they will model during the fashion revue.

• Food vendors are stocking up on funnel cakes, hot dogs, hamburger patties, drinks and more to feed the hungry crowd during the fair.

• The John Wayne Band is putting together their country gospel music for Sunday during the fair.

• People are mixing up their favorite homemade salsa and guacamole recipes, getting ready for judging.

Here’s hoping that it is the best Moffat County Fair ever.


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