From the editor: What’s new in news? |

From the editor: What’s new in news?

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

This newspaper business has been around an awfully long time.

Don’t let anybody tell you it hasn’t changed. So much of what we do now is almost the opposite of what my long-ago predecessors did when the newspaper business was young. And even over just the last generation, the paradigm has changed dramatically. We have smaller staffs than ever, yes, and we’re trying to find ways, with fewer and fewer resources, to serve harder and harder to capture audiences. Out of necessity, we’ve learned, honed, refined and sharpened our craft — as an industry, I mean.

I’m not complaining. Every industry has changed, and adaptation has to be the name of the game. You’ve watched me work to adapt over the few months I’ve been serving you at the Craig Press already. It’s going to continue.

All that is to say that there are some changes ongoing at the paper, as ever there likely will be, and I wanted to let you know what’s going on. One change is a big one, and it’s very exciting. The others are smaller, but I don’t want anyone to be taken by surprise.

First, the big one. We as a newspaper and community are extremely fortunate to be welcoming a new reporter to the Craig Press. Eliza Noe starts today, just arrived this week from her home state of Mississippi. Eliza is a talented and thoughtful reporter and writer, a sharp observer and a warm human being. As your editor, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that she’s decided to join us.

Eliza and I will figure out our respective “beats” in the coming days, but I’m planning to start her out focusing on, among other things, education, energy and entertainment. We’ll both cross over coverage areas regularly, but it’s exciting for both of us to be able to really dial in on some pieces of our reporting.

I hope you’ll look for Eliza around town and welcome her like you’ve welcomed me. We’ll have a more formal welcome for her in Friday’s paper, but I didn’t want to keep the good news to myself any longer.

Next, some smaller items.

We’re introducing a couple of new features in the paper, rolling out over the next couple weeks. You’ve already read about “Calling All Readers,” and I hope you’ll continue to send me questions about our reporting for clarification and follow-up.

We’re also going to taking some feedback we’ve received and channeling it into a regular business feature, which we’re calling “How’s Biz?” It’s a chance for us to highlight local businesses even when there isn’t what we journalists call a “news peg” to hang our coverage on — basically it’s an excuse to talk to folks without needing a better reason than “because we want to.”

This weekly feature will include an answer to the question “How’s Biz?” as the name suggests, but will also allow local businesses to let us know what’s new and exciting, what’s challenging, and what’s always made them special. I hope you enjoy it.

That’s it for now, but surely more soon. All this and more, and anything yet to come, is just an effort to deliver to you the newspaper you deserve. We hope you’ll let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what else you want in your paper.

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