From the editor: Thank you for caring |

From the editor: Thank you for caring

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

I was so impressed by the turnout at our City Council candidate forum this Monday evening.

It was a bit of a rough time for the event, we had some bumps in the road getting the word out, and we’re a year removed from the last time we did this, so there’s no built-in continuity of habit off of which we can build.

But you came, Craig. So many of you came to hear from the candidates running to represent you in the council. I’m really pleased to have been able to be with you Monday learning, with you, what our options are this November 2.

It shows you care. It shows that the future of your home matters to you.

That’s why I came to Craig, honestly. I came because I want to be part of a community that cars. I want to be a piece of that. I’m so grateful to get to see, again, just how much this community wants to build itself up together.

I spoke with several of you before and after the event and I loved hearing your thoughts, your impressions, and, more than anything, your ubiquitous love for our home. There are many different ideas of how to best outfit Craig for future success — not to mention what that success looks like — but it’s great that we can all agree that we want this place to be great.

I’ve told you before how disheartening it was to be in the big city, feeling like far less than a tiny cog in a massive, massive machine. I didn’t know my audience. I would never be part of my audience. For some journalists, that may be just fine — good even. For me, it was alienating and purpose-diminishing.

I’m so grateful to be here, Craig. I’m so grateful for your passion for your city. I’m so grateful it’s my city, too.

I just want you to know that this isn’t everywhere. This isn’t necessarily normal. Craig is special because you are special. Let’s keep fighting to make it better and better.

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