From the editor: So… about the funny pages |

From the editor: So… about the funny pages

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Hi guys.

Remember when I told you we were taking away the comics?

I promise you, I wasn’t just playing games. We were really doing it. In fact, we really did do it. You might have noticed.

Several of you definitely noticed, in fact.

So we’re bringing them back. Sometimes things change.

I’m thrilled about it. I feel a little sheepish — I just made this whole thing about it, remember that? — but I’m happy. I’m happy for our readers who called and asked. I’m happy for the people who shrugged and admitted, “You know, I was sad to see them go,” even when you acknowledged you understood why. I’m happy for the kids who, like I did, might one day pick up a newspaper just for Big Nate or whoever (that’s my son’s favorite) and maybe chance to read a piece of local news.

It’s good. Like Robert Plant famously said: “Does anyone remember laughter?” Well, now we all can. Or, at least, we can remember subdued chuckles at the breakfast table and a knowing nod when Frank and Ernest give us another poignant pun.

Anyway, there you have it. We listen. We can’t always do what you ask, but we want to, and this time, we made it happen.

Have a funnier Wednesday, friends. Thanks for reading.

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