From the editor: Run for Craig |

From the editor: Run for Craig

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

We’re in the last days of a brief moment that only rolls around every couple years.

It’s candidate application season.

It’s those few weeks every year or two that those who are inclined to serve their community in an elected role submit their petitions for candidate nomination.

This year, just based on how the cycles fall out, there’s an awful lot to run for.

Between Craig City Council and the Moffat County School Board, there are nine open seats for November’s ballot. On both bodies, incumbents may be running to retain their seats, although in one case, School Board District A, the seat is vacant.

For those looking to serve, looking to help shape the future of Craig and Moffat County, and looking to speak for your neighbors, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At the paper, we obviously don’t run for office. But we are invested in this place and what’s coming for it, and we can’t overstate how valuable it is to have thoughtful, active, hardworking representatives in elected government.

Think about the decisions that have been made by these bodies of late, and, more importantly, those that are yet to be made. Do you have an opinion? Do you think your experience or your connection to the community could help guide those decisions in a valuable way? You’re probably right. You should consider serving in this way.

My observation thus far has been that, in general, we have wonderful representatives who sincerely care about our community and are working hard to do the best they can to improve it. But good government is rooted in real democracy, and real democracy is rooted in having choices.

Not to take away from our councilmembers or school board directors, but there’s no question that their allegiance to this community is strengthened when they are forced to strive to maintain it. And that only happens when they have someone to run against. Iron sharpens iron, and opposition strengthens a candidate.

And who knows, if the people of Craig and Moffat County would rather have you represent them and their interests, then all the better for all of us. We’ll have the best possible representation in government thanks to the beauty of the democratic process.

It’s not easy. These positions do an awful lot of work and take an awful lot of flack. I’m sure anyone would tell you it’s not glamorous, nor always obviously rewarding. But it’s valuable, and sometimes value is its own reward, and altruistic dedication is its own sort of shine.

I encourage anyone who has ever considered serving in this way to get involved. If you don’t want to be the candidate yourself, encourage someone else, and then get on the campaign committee for that person. It’s important. It’s how we get better together.

And a losing campaign, if it has a strong focus and message, very often has an impact on the future governance by the winning campaigners. You can look to the presidential primaries to understand how a runner-up can impact policy even from the sidelines, and it’s true in local politics, too. If you believe in something, get your message out there and watch it become an issue of import where perhaps it wasn’t before.

Craig and Moffat County have their challenges. Maybe you’re the one to step up and fix things. If it’s even rattling around your head that you could do good for our community, let it fly. There’s no time like the present to build for tomorrow.

And if it’s too late for this year, don’t forget, it comes around like clockwork. The 2023 election is just around the corner.

Interested potential candidates for City Council can pick up petition forms at the City Clerk’s office and must return their petitions before 4:30 p.m. Monday. For School Board, pick up nomination petitions from Moffat County School District administrative offices at 600 Texas Ave and return them by Aug. 27.

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