From the editor: Let’s get loud

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I have been thrilled and overwhelmed with the response to the words I put in this space just a couple weeks ago.

Looking back, I hope I didn’t come off as preachy. I don’t mind that I came off as a little less-than amused, though. When I wrote about my disappointment in a few of us when it came to cheering on a chance to succeed — or not cheering it on, in this case — I knew that I was probably frustrated with a loud minority.

But I was pleased to learn just how strong, thoughtful and wide-reaching the not-so loud majority of town turned out to be.

So many of us agree, we’ve got to come together. It takes all of us to find a solution to the future of our home. It’s time to get ambitious, get creative and get aggressive. I was and am simply delighted at how many of us feel the same way.

So, now, let’s keep this momentum going. Let’s stop simply thinking these good things and let’s start doing them.

It’s time to ask ourselves: What do we want this place to look like in ten years? And, much more importantly, how are each one of us going to contribute to making that a reality between now and then?

Let’s get loud, folks. Let’s drown out the naysayers and the Negative Normans and Nancys with our powerful positivity. Let’s get serious about claiming our town and our future. Let’s decide together, collectively, to encourage, to uplift, and to build up and forward.

We’re frankly late on this. So let’s overcome our lateness with largeness; our tardiness with tangible efforts; and our delay with dramatic steps forward. We can do it, if we come together. We can build a future for Craig and Moffat County of which we’re all proud, for which we’re all hopeful and in which we’ll all want to live for generations to come.

There are so many of us who want this, and who have sat with the vision of a potent posterity. So let’s stand up with that foresight, let’s come together, and let’s do this thing.

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