From the editor: Farewell from these pages |

From the editor: Farewell from these pages

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I’m extraordinarily sad to tell you all that I’m leaving the Craig Press.

Friday’s paper will be the final print edition published under my leadership. Starting next week, I’ll be leaving your paper in the hands of Eli Pace, whom I have grown to appreciate and respect a great deal, and whom I trust will work harder than hard to give you a better and better Craig Press into the future.

It’s beyond bittersweet for me to be leaving, to say the absolute least. Practically my entire adult life has been in journalism. I’ve worked for more publishing companies than I have produced children — and as you all know, I’ve got quite a few of those. I’ve dedicated my best years to this business, and it’s not without a measure of mourning that I’m leaving it behind for the time being.

And, much more than that, I’m heartbroken to be leaving the Craig Press. I know, I know — I’ve been here less than a year. But I mean it when I tell you that I came here with the full intention to be here for the rest of my working life. I sat in the back dining room at Carelli’s, across the street from the newsroom last May, wrapping up my interview with the woman who hired me to this position and told her, with full intention and confidence, I thought this could be what I did until I retired.

By telling your stories and reporting on your doings, I’ve come to know and love this community. This is my home now, and I’m not looking to leave. I want to build Craig together with my new neighbors for the long haul. I have fallen in love with this city, and I’m incredibly pleased to tell you I’m not leaving.

But I won’t be doing it as your editor. It’s not any failing of the paper, the company nor its leadership, I assure you. It’s simply the truth that this newspaper, this craft and this community deserve more than I can give at this point in my life.

Remember all those kids — six now if you’ve lost count, as I sometimes do — and that darling wife I mention from time to time? They need me, too.

The Scripture says you cannot serve two masters. I need to make family my priority right now. I wasn’t looking, but an opportunity presented itself to do that, and my wife and I made the incredibly difficult choice to follow that path.

I’m so grateful for the Craig community. I’m so grateful that you’ve welcomed me as openly as you have. I’ve learned so much from so many of you in the short time I worked as the editor of your newspaper. You haven’t always made it easy, and I wouldn’t have asked you to, but you’ve always made it worth it.

I intend to continue contributing to this community in other ways, but Moffat County deserves the very best out of its newspaper. May you continue to demand it, as you did under my leadership, and, I trust, you — or we, now, as I’m about to join your side of the table — will continue to get the best out of those who strive to deliver.

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