From the editor: Election season is upon us

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

I did a whole bit a few weeks ago in this column invoking the crisping of leaves and air and the like as fall descends upon the valley, so I’ll spare you that particular illustration and just say this: It’s election season.

We’ve got a really pivotal ballot this fall, and it’s exciting, I think, for Craig and Moffat County that we’ve got the chance as residents of this awesome place to help shape the future of our home.

Eight candidates for four Craig city council seats. Two critical ballot measures, one for a school bond and one for a Health Services District. A school board seat. It’s an interesting time.

It’s a little disappointing, I have to admit, that we have just one candidate for so many important positions. It’s absolutely zero knock on presumptive mayor-elect Ryan Hess at all to say it’s a bummer to have no race for mayor. Hess may well be an excellent mayor, but the democratic process is better off — and candidates are sharpened into better public servants — when there’s a choice involved.

It’s similarly too bad that we have multiple school board seats with a single candidate, as well as just five candidates for five seats on the potential Health Services District board. It’s not democracy when there’s nothing to vote for.

I’m confident in and hopeful for the good people who stepped up, though. I think we’ve got great folks, from my estimation, ready to serve and fill these positions. I have no disappointment in who chose to serve, let me be clear.

And it’s not all bad, either. Eight for four on the city council is spectacular. That’s a truly robust number. And it’s six total political newcomers outside of the two incumbents, too. That’s wonderful. It’s encouraging that we’ve got new folks ready to step forward, put themselves out there and, if elected, do the job.

We’re looking to an incredibly special time in Craig’s history. Think about this: The next set of city councilors will be in place through this place’s most crucial transition in generations upon generations. They’ll guide the city through the whitewater of the next several years.

And don’t think for a second that they’re just symbolic figures or talking heads. City council and the mayor approve or reject programs and decisions that encourage, shape, and locate new industry, new resources, and, in a word, the future.

We encourage you to have your voice be heard. Write in to the newspaper. Speak to the candidates. Turn out to our soon-to-be-announced public candidate forum (standby for details there). Learn the most you can about who might be taking the helm of this city at this monumental time in our history.

By the way, about writing to the newspaper: Election letter policy is a bit different than normal letters to the editor. While typically we allow 600 words, for election letters, we accept no more than 400. And, while I don’t tend to limit writers from repeat appearances in the paper, we’ll only be able to take one letter per writer per candidate or issue. It’s a fairness thing, and it’s also about making sure we get as many voices heard as possible.

But please do send me letters — to publish or not to publish. I’m reachable directly at or you can go on our website at and fill out the form.

As ever, I’ll endeavor to only print letters that make factual statements, but your opinions are yours to proliferate.

And most of all, I reiterate one earlier point and will suggest one more: Learn about the issues and the candidates; and, when you get your ballot next month, vote.

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