From the editor: Change is coming, but there’s reason for hope |

From the editor: Change is coming, but there’s reason for hope

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

I’ll be totally honest with you here: We were knocked back on our heels by the news that the Craig Press had been sold by its parent company.

It’s disconcerting, it’s a little panic-inducing, and it’s also not a little bit sad to learn that the corporate entity that’s kept the lights on for local news in this region for a number of years will be handing us and our many sister papers over to another group of owners.

It’s also, from my perspective, getting a little old hat. I’ve been at three newspapers in my time as a full-time professional journalist, and every one of them has been sold while I was there. Maybe it’s me (just kidding, it is certainly not).

I’m sure that you, our loyal readers who have come to depend on us and demand the best from us, have concerns as well. That’s reasonable. It should be expected.

But I’m here with a message of hope. Of course, nothing is certain. There are no guarantees in life or in journalism. This industry has been rocked over the last 25 years, and it’s not done rocking, if you ask me. But I’m as confident as I can be that the future is bright for news in Craig.

For starters, we’re extremely fortunate to have been sold to a company that strikes me as one that cares about providing local news. There are companies out there who, paradoxically, buy newspapers despite not seeming to be interested in that pursuit. I won’t get into that, but the new corporate owners own and sustain several dozen newspapers in similar communities to ours. It’s clear to me that the news business is their business. That’s a reason for hope.

Next, there’s the somewhat grim reality that the previous owners, to whom I am sincerely grateful for a great deal from a personal and professional standpoint, could have at any time decided to make a change the likes of which we might fear from our new owners. This is a tough business, as I’ve said. There’s no guarantees, and changing hands doesn’t make that any more perilously true.

But third, there’s this: At least for now, we’re here. We’re here and we’re dedicated to you. I know there’s been a lot of turnover in the newsroom over the last several years, and there’s plenty of reason to suppose it might continue. But those who run this paper love this community and are dedicated to always providing you with the best possible news coverage we can. That’s not going away. The Craig Press is here for you.

I’ll say this, though, and I don’t mean this to sound like I’m capitalizing on a moment. While I believe the future is bright for local news despite the dark clouds that have settled over us for many years, it’s still got a tenuous grip on existence. We depend on you as much as you depend on us. Just as we invest in you, we appreciate how much you invest in us. I’m not here to beg or to preach, but I am here to say that our existence depends on your continued support. Thank you for that.

I hope we can continue to make you proud, Craig and Moffat County. I hope you’ll continue to insist on the best, and I hope to give it to you. Thanks for reading.

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