From the editor: Calling all readers |

From the editor: Calling all readers

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

I learned something about our great readers last week, and it’s got me really excited.

In our twin stories detailing the Craig Urban Renewal Authority proposal and its dependent Yampa Valley Adventure Center that ran online the end of last week and in Friday’s print edition, I thought I’d kind of gloss over some of the more intricate tax law details surrounding the functions of an urban renewal authority.

In my experience, getting too technical is often a way to turn readers off.

Boy was I wrong. While it’s possible some portion of readers read what we printed and went about their merry ways, a good portion of you, at least those of you who interact with us on Facebook, were confused — and rightly. The truth is complicated — that’s about as universal an aphorism as they come — and for those who really want to understand what’s going on, it’s valuable to have all the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts.

I was delighted to discover the level of interest in these intricate details from our readers. I was happy to clarify my reporting — which I admit was less than clear given the complexity of the issue — and to answer further questions.

But it got me thinking, how often does this happen and nobody says anything? Or somebody not on Facebook reads a story and has a question that they feel like they have no avenue by which to get an answer?

So, with that in mind, we’re starting a new experiment here at the Craig Press. I’m dubbing it “Calling All Readers.”

It’s essentially a call for follow-up questions on our reporting, and as often as I receive them, I’ll run the answers online and in print on a regular basis.

Obviously, it’s our goal to answer all questions in the first go, but the truth is, we can’t always predict what will be interesting or relevant to you — as much as we try. And so this will allow you, our readers, to interact with us at the paper directly to get the questions answered we didn’t foresee when we did the original story.

I think this will deepen your understanding of these important issues that we cover, and it will also hopefully increase trust between you and your newspaper. Most of all, it will serve as a reminder to everybody: We’re here for you, Craig.

Questions can be directed to me by email, phone, mail or drop-in. Emails addressed “Calling All Readers” will help me keep track of all your questions.

I’m at, 970-875-1790 or in our offices most weekdays at 466 Yampa Avenue.

Got an opinion?

Love your community? Know the ins and outs of what’s happening in Craig with a level of intimacy that informs your thoughts? Have opinions about it? You might be a good fit for our next editorial board.

The Craig Press is putting out the call for a small handful of thoughtful, concerned members of our readership to join us once a week to discuss the big topics of the day.

Starting in August, each Wednesday those we select will gather with me, your editor, and Sheli Steele, our general manager, to chop up the issues and come up with an educated, measured opinion. That opinion will yield a weekly editorial opining on the news of the moment.

We’ll rotate members from time to time, but for now, we need a dedicated group who can meet Wednesday afternoons on a regular basis and who can commit to having read the news and followed the issues to come educated and ready to share thoughts.

Interested? Email me at Let me know who you are and why you feel you’d be qualified. We’ll select the members of the incoming board soon, but you can always apply for the next round.

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