From the editor: Appreciating this place |

From the editor: Appreciating this place

Cuyler Meade, editor, Craig Press
Craig Press

I had a thought that I might write something this week alternating criticism and enthusiasm for the state of Craig’s local ballot coming up this November. Then Saturday I took a little day trip, and the din of politics washed briefly out of my mind as if by the mighty Yampa itself. I’ll write about what I rediscovered on the trip, instead.

My brother- and sister-in-law live with their sizable brood in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and my family and I drove roughly halfway to meet the cousins in Vernal this Saturday. I was overcome by the beauty of the drive.

The early-morning departure meant the sun was just creeping over the horizon in our rear-view mirror as we approached Maybell, and a long day exploring along the state line meant our return trip left our star dipping beneath the mountains in that same reflection on the way back home.

Folks, it’s something to behold this place we in which we live.

I’ve told you I’m a believer in deity, and there has hardly been a moment wherein I witnessed the masterful artistry of what I suppose to be a divine Creator’s hand than I have experienced in my short time living in Moffat County.

Whether it’s the view of the gentle mountains to the south of Craig out my front door, the towering local Sandrocks to the north, the ever-changing varieties of the western reaches of the county or the splendor of beholding the valley anew as you begin the descent down Rabbit Ears to our east, I challenge anyone to find a more spectacular place than here.

Shortly before writing this, I was speaking with a gentleman who recently returned to the Western Slope after a career in D.C. and New York City. He said something I can relate to despite not having grown up here myself.

He said that leaving this region — he’s from the south of here, but we’ll forgive him — for the tortured concrete jungles of those grand metropolises across the country built in him a renewed appreciation for the majesty of this part of the land.

I’m not a Western Slope native, but this is now my home, and I can tell you, having lived elsewhere almost all my life, I can appreciate the value of contrast. The magnificence of wide open spaces, of variety in your vista, of masterpieces not sculpted by man — it’s incredible to me that we’re still such a well-kept secret out here.

That’s really all I have to say. I just want to express my gratitude for this place. I want to impart to you all my own benefit of contrast. And I want to remind myself and anyone reading of the value of taking a moment to look up, look around, and look within, and they say, simply: Wow.

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