From Pipi’s Pasture: Waiting for Spring |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Waiting for Spring

From Pipi's Pasture

I’m enjoying a beautiful, sunny day as I sit here on a bale of hay waiting for the stock tank to fill. I have already moved the bales into place for tomorrow’s feeding so “ waiting” is what’s left to do. While I sit here, I’m thinking about spring. There are some encouraging signs that spring isn’t far away, but anyone who has lived around here very long knows that it is probable we will get at least one more big snowstorm. That’s why we’re waiting for spring instead of actually welcoming it.  

So as I sit here, I’m reflecting on some of the signs that spring isn’t far away.

*The robins have been singing this morning, and I was delighted to hear the sounds of the sandhill cranes as they flew overhead. I heard the honking sounds of Canadian Geese a few days ago, too, and while on a trip to Craig Friday, I saw a bunch of them walking around in some water at Woodbury Park.

*There are some bare spots in the backyard at the house so the man who delivers propane will be happy that he doesn’t have to wade through snow to fill the tank.

*At the corral there is standing water in some places, and I’m trying not to walk across the corral for fear of getting my boots stuck down in the “gunk.”

* The snow and ice has melted around at least one of the corral gates so I can close it if needed.

*In the far end corral, where I have to use mineral tubs as watering tanks, about ten tanks have stood unused because they have been filled with ice but it is now melting and there’s lots of water for the cows.

*Melting snow is uncovering empty mineral tubs, feed pan, rubber water pans, and other things that got covered up by early snows and have remained hidden from view.

*I did get my boot stuck in “gunk” near the pasture entrance where I spread out some hay, and some water leaked into the boot, getting my sock wet, a warning that I need to save some plastic bags to use as boot liners.

* After I got feedlot water in my boot, I noticed that the front porch has that feedlot “smell”—a sure sign of spring.

*The lane that leads to our house is more firm now, and a lake that stood on the road is gone, though there will be another as the snow continues to melt in the pasture and run into the road.

*The drifted snow on the front porch has nearly melted, and the bench is bare.

So there are encouraging signs that spring is on the way, and it won’t be long until I can take off my boots, heavy coat, two jackets, and extra pair of pants, and I won’t have to carry two pockets full of gloves.

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