From Pipi’s Pasture: Valentine’s Day memories |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Valentine’s Day memories

When my siblings and I were growing up at Morapos, Valentine’s Day most usually found the ranch covered with feet of snow, and it was plenty cold, too. However, we kids didn’t let the snow worry us very much where Valentine’s Day was concerned. We looked forward to at least one—and sometimes two—parties. One was at the Morapos School, just down the road from our house, and the other was held at our house with one or two neighboring families in attendance. The teacher lived in the teacherage next to the school, and people who lived in the area could manage to get through the snow.

Getting into Craig was sometimes a problem because of the heavy and drifting snow. Sometimes it took awhile before the county road got plowed so we went into Craig when we could and planned ahead. Mom stocked up on candy-making and baking supplies in advance of Valentine’s Day. At the same time, we kids browsed the valentine displays in the variety and drug stores in Craig. (There were several such stores.) We selected boxes of assorted Valentines for classmates and were all set for the holiday.

I have pleasant memories of Valentine’s Day back then. For example, I remember…

*the heart-shaped boxes of candy that Dad gave Mom and getting to choose one chocolate each evening; how hard it was to choose.

*mom’s homemade chocolate-covered cherries.

*heart-shaped sugar cookies decorated with red sugar.

*chocolate layer cake with pink frosting and decorated with “gummy” hearts.

*making handmade valentines during free time at school, using construction paper and paper doilies, which were surprises for our family members.

*decorating the classroom with red and pink crepe paper and handmade hearts.

*making the valentine box.

*the Valentine’s Day party at school in the afternoon with our mothers in attendance where we played games, enjoyed decorated cupcakes and punch, and finally opened the valentine box.

*going over the sack full of valentines, candies, and even cupcakes that we took home from the school party.

*browsing the downtown Craig variety and drug stores with “luscious” displays of perfumes, beautifully- decorated heart-shaped boxes of candy, and valentine cards.

*our at-home party, a dinner with a Valentine’s Day theme, complete with favors that our mother made, decorated layer cake, homemade candy, and cards, too.

*big red gumdrop-like candies and boxes of little heart-shaped pastel candies with a word or two, like “love” printed on each.

*sometimes making valentines from a “punch-out” book resembling a paper doll book.

*our dining room table filled with cookies, fudge, chocolate-covered cherries, and cake layers as Mom whipped up valentine treats.

We were sad when Valentine’s Day was over, but things were looking up. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter were coming up and spring wasn’t far away. What wonderful memories!

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