From Pipi’s Pasture: Two skunks and a deer, continued |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Two skunks and a deer, continued

From Pipi's Pasture

Last week I wrote about the one deer and the skunks that have been keeping me busy this summer. When I got to the story about my grandson Kenny and one of the skunks, I ran out of column space so the story is continued in this column. But first an update on the doe deer that has been here by herself all summer. She has been joined by a young buck and another doe and fawn—at least part of the time. (Having a number of deer in our yard is not unusual.) However, lately the petunias have remained uneaten so I’m enjoying beautiful pink and white blossoms.

About a month ago, my son Jamie and his family visited from Alaska. That’s when Kenny met up with the skunk. The weather was hot then, certainly hotter at night than in Alaska. One night Kenny couldn’t sleep so he sneaked out to the front porch and sat down on the bench to cool off. A black cat with white markings came up alongside and rubbed on Kenny’s leg. Kenny reached down and petted it.

Pretty soon, Kenny felt something rubbing up against his other leg so, thinking it was another of the barn cats, he reached down and petted it, too. Alas! It wasn’t a cat. It was a young skunk that apparently wasn’t a bit nervous about having a human nearby. Kenny hurried back in the house without getting sprayed.

The night before that, son Jamie and daughter-in-law Brandi were out in the shop where Jamie was working on something. I had gone to bed by the time that they came back to the house, but I heard them whispering.

I heard Brandi say, “Do you want me to go with you?”

I thought maybe one of them had to drive to Craig for something so I paid more attention to what was going on. It seems that when they came back to the house, they found skunks on the front porch, one of them quite large. The skunks scurried off the porch, into the dark. But then Jamie remembered that he hadn’t shut off a piece of equipment. He had to go back to the shop, but that meant dodging skunks. So, instead of going to the shop with Jamie, Brandi stayed at the house and used a flashlight to check for skunks. Again, luckily, nobody got sprayed.

One skunk was also on hand about a week ago when workers were here to install a furnace. They looked around pretty good when they went back and forth to get tools and parts from their truck. And this morning when I was changing the garden hose setting in the front yard, I noticed a skunk marching across the patio. He didn’t notice me at first, but when I shouted at him he kept right on walking, and I’m pretty sure his destination was under my outside office building!

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