From Pipi’s Pasture: Time to smell the roses |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Time to smell the roses

From Pipi's Pasture

Sometimes when situations/times are stressful, like now, it’s time to stop and think about the positives in our lives—at least that’s how it is for me. Recently, for example, I looked in the mirror and noticed dark circles under my eyes. For me, that’s a sign of stress, and I realized that it was time to stop and smell the roses—to purposely remind myself of all of the positives in my life. I’ve written about positives before. It’s worth repeating. It’s important.

First of all, there’s my wonderful and thoughtful family. Even though we’re separated by miles, we still stay in touch and share what’s going on—both good and not-so-good times. My family is my life. I think about Luna, my one-year-old great-granddaughter, as she runs around (I do mean run) in her little tiny shoes and two-year-old great-grandson Brian as he enjoys a fishing trip with his dad.

Then I think about all of the caring people around me. In just the last few months neighbors, friends, and family members have been so good to me, helping with cows and calves, moving hay, plowing snow, charging the battery in my car and filling up a tire, putting up panels to prevent deer from getting into the hay, tilling the garden, and way more—even bringing me toilet paper. (Grandson Jayce brought me twenty rolls.)

I would name names of all the people who have helped me/offered to help me, but I’m afraid I would leave someone out. You have all made me so happy.

There are so many other positives in my everyday life, and sometimes I have to remind myself how happy they make me. For example…

  • The sun is out, it’s warm, and the green grass is popping up.
  • A robin sits on a branch of the apple tree; she has twigs in her beak, and I wonder where she is building her nest.
  • I hear a killdeer fly over, making his “kill-dee, kill-dee” sounds, and I remember watching killdeer walking around in the pasture.
  • While waiting for the water tank to fill I listen to the sounds of the cows munching on their hay; I never get tired of hearing it.
  • Baby calves chase one another around the pasture.
  • I can hardly wait to plant the newly-tilled garden plot.
  • A cat walks across the pasture to the stock trailer, and I wonder how many kittens she has hidden there.
  • Coffee smells wonderful as it’s perking.
  • My freshly-laundered jacket feels/smells great.
  • Taking time to clean out the refrigerator makes me feel good.

What are the positives in your life?

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