From Pipi’s Pasture: There’s a positive side, too |

From Pipi’s Pasture: There’s a positive side, too

This morning I was talking about this week’s column with my son Jody, who lives in Vernal. I told him that the idea for the column was to point out that it is all too easy to find the negative side to an ordinary happening when sometimes there’s a positive side, too.

Jody laughed and told me about something he once heard. Consider this: “The food is bad, but there’s a lot of it.”

See what I mean? There’s a negative side but a positive side, too. So I thought about other examples…

– When the snow blows up against the corral gate, I can open it just wide enough to squeeze through (and I do mean “s-q-u-e-e-z-e”) , but the good thing is that the cows can’t push their way out.

– Cut bale twines get piled up around the corral, making a mess, but the good thing is that there’s always a twine handy to tie a gate shut.

– It takes a lot of time and work to feed and water the cows, but I get lots of exercise, fresh air, and Vitamin D from the sunshine.

– The barn cats eat lots of dry food in the winter, but they return the favor by keeping down the populations of mice, pack rats, and ground squirrels in the summer.

– It takes some time to make a pot of soup from scratch, but the soup can be used for more than one meal (and it’s enjoyable to chop up the vegetables, too).

– Snow has to be shoveled and is hard to drive and walk through, but it provides moisture for the summer.

– Hay bales from a new stack weigh more than what I was using previously, meaning that I have to feed more of them, but the good side is that the bales are easier to handle.

– It takes lots of energy to keep the back and front yards watered, but the lawns, trees, and flowers provide hours of enjoyment.

– Christmas is over, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

– There may not be anything to watch on television, but that gives me time to read.

– Spilling coffee grounds on the floor when making morning coffee is messy, but the floor gets swept.

– Snow, wind, and slick roads may cause me to cancel away-from-home appointments, but that time can be used to do household chores or to write a column.

– A sudden summer thunderstorm leaves water running down the driveway, but the robins enjoy picking up earthworms that have come above ground.

– This time of the year our mailboxes are cluttered with vegetable catalogs, but they provide hours of daydreaming about summer gardens.

It’s easy to find the negatives in everyday situations, but sometimes there’s a positive side, too.

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