From Pipi’s Pasture: Spring at last! |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Spring at last!

From Pipi's Pasture

The other day somebody (I don’t remember who) said, “ I think spring might be here,” and I had to mull it over for a minute. Lately I’ve kind of forgotten where we’re at time-wise. Then I realized we’re approaching the half-time part of the month so while we’re apt to have more snow (after all I’ve seen it in May and June-maybe even July) spring is probably here.

 After all…

*almost all of the piles of plowed snow, that I thought wouldn’t ever melt, are nearly gone.

*the back and front yards have been bare for awhile, leaving twigs from the trees, fall leaves, cat pans that blew off the porch, and other stuff exposed so now the yards are in need of raking.

*the grass is starting to green up.

*the farmers are already harrowing the hay fields.

*the cows spend days sleeping in the warm sunshine and the evenings roaming the pasture.

*the robins sing all day, and when it isn’t windy they can be seen perched on the branches of the crab apple tree.

*the cows are drinking more water than they did in the winter.

*some of the “muck” in the corrals is starting to dry up which is good because not too many days ago I got my boot stuck and nearly lost it in the quicksand.

*I can wear my tennis shoes to do most of the chores.

*the water doesn’t have ice on it even though the tank heater has quit working.

*the garden hoses can be left stretched out at night.

*scarcely a day goes by without wind.

*a couple of cats seem to be hunting up a “nesting” spot, hopefully not in the hay.

*the cows are using almost anything as a scratching post so if it’s not nailed or wired down, it has come loose, and that includes gate chains and other closures.

*the skunks are showing up to eat cat food.

*the ground squirrels are starting to show up in the pastures.

*some days it is warm enough to leave the front door open during the afternoon.

*when passing by ranch pastures you see lots of calves.

*it’s warm enough some afternoons to wear a light jacket when outdoors.

*some of the discarded mineral tubs are flowing over with twines from bales fed during the winter.

So it is probably spring at last!

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