From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s so hot |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s so hot

From Pipi's Pasture

There sure seems to be a lot more wind this summer, and it has been hot, too. The summer is reminiscent of one a few years ago when pastures dried up, and hay was short. The grasshoppers were plentiful. We watched them walk on the county road when we checked the cows on summer pasture. The grandchildren tried to fish them out of the stock tanks, and that was the summer that one rode home on my windshield. I named that big grasshopper Hitchhiker Harry. The grasshoppers ate hay and gardens. The pesty insects are doing the same thing in hayfields around the area this year, too, because they like the dry and hot conditions.

Around Pipi’s Pasture it’s so hot that…

*even Trouble, the outdoor cat that likes to walk right in front of my feet all the way to the corral, makes himself scarce in the afternoon heat.

*all of the outdoor cats shade up under the trees and in the patch of chokecherry trees in front of the house.

*by noon the pumpkin and squash plants start conserving water, leaving their leaves looking limp and desperate for water.

*the birds are grateful for the lawn sprinklers and spend time walking in the water; the robins hunt for worms.

*the cows are grouchy, taking their bad moods out on one another.

*the stock tanks require more water than usual to keep them filled.

*you can almost see the trees gulping up the water.

*clothes dry quickly if hung out.

*the chocolate-covered wafer cookies melt in the cookie jar.

*no matter how much the lawns are watered—mornings to evenings—they look dry.

*gloves are required to move the steering wheel after the car has been in the heat for several hours.

*everybody drinks plenty of water and lemonade.

*human appetites are at a low.

*deer and skunks drink from the water containers put out for the cats.

*coupled with the wind, there’s the fear of fire.

*the air conditioner runs all night.

*even a trace of moisture, as with last night, smells “oh, so good.”

*if given enough water, most of the flowers and garden plants thrive, especially since nighttime temperatures are warm.

As I finish this column, gray clouds threaten rain, perhaps a brief respite from temperatures in the 90s. The heat is part of summer. All too soon we will be complaining because it’s so cold.

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