From Pipi’s Pasture: February 2020 |

From Pipi’s Pasture: February 2020

From Pipi's Pasture

After a snowy January, February finally arrived, and we have barely had time to turn around and it’s the middle of the month already—in fact, St. Patrick’s Day is a little less than a month away. And so what is going on this February 2020?

*Here at Pipi’s Pasture mountains of plowed snow line the driveway, lane to the house, and the hay yard.

*Even though the weather has been cold for the most part, there’s a different “feel” to the days now; the sun really warms things up.

*On sunny days, like today, the cows find a nice place to nap on the feedlot, not so different from other times of the year except when the cows breathe, it looks as if they’re smoking cigarettes.

*This time of the year, the cows leave icy “holes” on the feedlot where their huge stomachs have melted the snow as they slept.

*At the lower end of the corral where we use mineral tubs as water tanks and there are no tank heaters, several tubs have been abandoned because they’re filled with ice, top to bottom, that not even an axe can break; tub after tub is waiting for spring melting to be begin and more mineral tubs have to be added as that day’s leftover water freezes.

*On warm days there’s some melting going on, enough to leave a little water on top of the packed feedlot; it’s a reminder of what’s to come when the big piles of plowed snow start to melt.

*There are deer, deer, and more deer in the front yard and in the hay yard (a story for next week’s column).

*Hay leaves that find their way into my boots and then stuck to my socks and pant legs, litter the front porch rugs and the floor here and there in the house.

*Snow has been hard to remove from parts of the house roof and “porch” roof of the shop, all due to an early season snow that partially melted and then froze.

*A flock of winter birds fly around, stopping to eat alfalfa leaves off the feedlot and food from cat bowls.

*Remarkably, I spotted a woodpecker (remarkable because we don’t have them around Pipi’s Pasture) on the porch rail after a recent snowstorm, and my brother, Duane Osborn, heard a robin when he was out here last week.

*There’s much more light at chore time in the mornings now—more light in the evenings, too.

*Where the bottom of a gate touches the ground, there’s plenty of prying in order to open the gate enough to squeeze through.

It’s February 2020 but not for long.

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