From Pipi’s Pasture: An update about the pepper plants |

From Pipi’s Pasture: An update about the pepper plants

From Pipi's Pasture

For me the summer of 2020 has been about my green bell pepper plants. Recently I wrote a column about them. I had purchased the plants early in the spring, and since I put their pots in the front porch window where they got lots of sunshine, the plants flourished. They got tall—not spindly tall but beautiful and full of big glossy-looking leaves. I had never had such beautiful pepper plants when the usual time arrived to put them out in the garden.

The trouble was that I couldn’t find the right time to put the plants out. I couldn’t bear to see them get frosted or blown by hot winds. So I kept putting off planting the peppers. Finally I decided to pot two of the tallest plants and put them on the front porch. That way I could bring them back in the house if needed. The plants looked so pretty next to the porch railing. The first column ended when a deer ate leaves off one of the plants the first night.

That very same night I sprayed the outsides of the pots, the porch floor, porch railing, and even the plants themselves with a nasty-smelling deer repellent. It didn’t leave the plant leaves looking so great, either. Instead of being a glossy green they had a whitish-look.

Then the weather changed daily. There was wind and more wind, and some days were hot while others were cold. I decided to plant the remaining three peppers in large containers and put them on  the front porch, too, because I couldn’t find a good time to plant them in the garden. I had to keep the potted plants inside for a couple of days because of cold wind.

Meanwhile, the two plants on the front porch had endured hot days with wind, followed by cold winds. Their leaves drooped; they were whitish-green. On top of everything else, according to the weather forecast, the nighttime temperatures were apt to drop into the30s. So before dark I covered the two pepper plants with a sheet. The next morning was cool, but there was no frost. I was sorry that I had covered the plants. They looked like…well, like they had been covered up with a sheet.

I put the other three plants on the porch. I sprayed deer repellent around everywhere—except on the plant leaves. I have tried to not be so over-protective of the pepper plants these past few days. In spite of everything two of the plants are producing peppers, some even about an inch long. All of the plants, except the one the deer nipped, have lots of white blossoms. How will the year end?

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