Fitness Column: Outsider opinions have nothing to do with your goals |

Fitness Column: Outsider opinions have nothing to do with your goals

Trapper Fitness Center
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Goal setting and accomplishments within the health and fitness industry are a huge driving force.

Setting goals can be very specific, unique, and hard hitting to an individual. As a coach it is important that my clients have a clear vision and well thought out plan of attack.

However, a lot of us get caught up on outsider response. Praise and affirmation can begin to take the forefront of our minds, drowning out the original goal.

Once we start to strive for recognition, praise, or the approval of others, we start to strive for things for all the wrong reasons, all of which will whirlwind into straying off track.

Yes, enthusiasm, focus, and drive need to go with those goals. However, that does not mean we need to feel down if we are not getting the affirmations or attention from outsiders. Recognition from others should not be the driving force.

If we always strive for recognition we will be let down. There is something that cannot be attained by human interaction. There is something deeper within the heart that requires more than the reaction or interaction of another human being. It comes down to what we believe about ourselves, what our core values are, what we portray ourselves as, and how we carry ourselves within the community as well as on the gym floor.

Fishing for recognition will lead to let downs.

Searching for words or affirmations from a trainer, accountability partner, or others will not hit goals.

You are the only person who can give your 100% every single day in order to hit those accomplishments. All of it comes down to how bad you want to train, how much you nail your nutrition plan, how you approach each day, how your attitude and spirit impact your daily disciplines.

Dig deeper into who you are and do not rely on external recognition. Once you find what truly drives you, who you really are, and what you want for your life, outsider response will no longer have an impact on how you approach your goals.

Ashleigh Seely is the owner of Trapper Fitness Center.

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