Fitness Column: Finding the heart it takes for life’s adventure |

Fitness Column: Finding the heart it takes for life’s adventure

Trapper Fitness Center
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“Ask a child what he’d like to do on a Saturday afternoon, ask a young man how he spends his time, ask a father what he likes to do with his children, ask a grandfather what he spends time doing with his grand kids.”

Seemingly enough, the answers to the above questions would likely be the following: sports, hiking, fishing, hunting, or some sort of outdoor activity. Why? Because the human heart is adventurous. Something stirs in the heart to be wild and untamed.

If our generation wants to truly flourish, we need to take a deeper look into the heart of man. What makes a person a true leader? What makes a person strong? What makes a person honorable? This day in age we find these answers through TV, social media, podcasts, and newsroom influences that grasp the attention of our youth far more often than the adventurous outdoors, active social encounters, and hands on manual labor. We need to get back to good old fashioned work. 

Part of that comes down to what children learn at a young age through the adventure of sports. Coaches, teammates, being in a gym, workouts, practices, and hard work opens the adventurous heart. That adventure helps mold character, grit, discipline, communication skills, and work ethic. 

Throughout our time coaching athletes both male and female, we’ve realized it is the people who have been part of a team that respond well to being coached on nutrition and workout regimens. These athletes are the individuals who have leadership skills, communicate well, and who do the work. 

Sports instill many life skills that are the core of the human heart. The heart needed to make a well rounded individual . A person who is honorable, strong, and who is a credible leader.

Whether training for a sport, competition, or for health and wellness It is our hope that every athlete that walks through our door, finds the heart it takes for life’s adventure. 

Dan and Ashleigh Seely are the owners of Trapper Fitness Center.

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