Faith Column: Spiritual sense to fulfill spiritual purpose |

Faith Column: Spiritual sense to fulfill spiritual purpose

Jason and Tracey Haskell pose in front of the New Creation Church’s new building Monday at 520 Westridge Road. The Haskells founded the church in 2001 but it has outgrown its current location inside Centennial Mall. The new location will be 6,000 square feet and will seat about 230 members in its sanctuary.
Brian Smith

God gave us eyes because He made us to see. Naturally speaking, this is obvious. However, we must also understand that we are not first and foremost natural beings. We have been created in the image of God as spiritual beings. God is a spirit. We are then created as spirit beings first and foremost.

When the first man Adam was created, He walked with God and spoke with God daily. Because God is a spirit being, Adam’s fellowship with God was on the spiritual plane, not the natural plane. This is God’s original intention. As a matter of fact, God made everything to reproduce after it’s kind. So orange trees come from orange trees. Cows from cows and elk from elk. It has never been observed that a dog came from a lion, or that a man came from a monkey. Genesis reveals clearly that God made man after His own image. Man is made of God’s kind. We are spirit beings. Eternal beings. Made to see and to speak.

God told man in the beginning to have dominion over all the works of His hands. He made us for authority. God told Adam to fill the earth and subdue it. The filling the earth part is easily understood. What about the subdue part? He made man to bring the entire earth into the pattern of Eden using the authority given to him by God. This reveals that rebel authority existed upon the earth that needed to be put asunder as Adam and Eve fulfilled their calling by extending the garden across the earth.

This is the original commission of mankind before Adam sinned and fell. Their sin messed a lot of stuff up. First, Adam forfeited his authority over the earth and yielded it over to the devil. Instead of using his authority, that rebel, the devil, took it and used it against him. The devil is still killing and destroying on earth today using this authority that he got from Adam in the beginning.

Secondly, Adam and Eve died spiritually.  With their spirits fallen, the soul and body took over as the dominating part of man’s constitution. From that time, man’s primary awareness was in the natural plane. The five senses took over as the dominant means of detecting what is real.

When God sent Jesus to redeem mankind, He came to seek and save that which was lost. Man’s fellowship with God is at the top of that list. Through Christ we can once again fellowship with God on a daily basis. What else was lost through sin that Jesus came to restore? Man’s authority. Jesus raised from the grave with the keys. Keys always represent authority. Jesus restored to the believer the authority and commission given to Adam in the beginning. Finally, Jesus’ work restored spiritual life to man. The spirit of the person who places faith in Jesus is made new and alive. This is significant because it awakens us to the realities of the spiritual realm.

Made spiritually alive, we now have spiritual sense of sight again. No one can walk confidently without sight. We are called to walk with God, who is a spirit being. We cannot walk confidently in the spirit with God unless our spiritual eyes are open and seeing. This spiritual sight is not a special gift given to a few, but rather the ability of every believer.

Jason Haskell is pastor of New Creation Church in Craig, Colorado and a missionary to the nations. He can be reached at:

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