Faith column: Painting a masterpiece |

Faith column: Painting a masterpiece

Tony Bohrer

When I think of a masterpiece, the Mona Lisa comes to mind. The world’s most famous painting, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Some sources say that the nose of the lady in the Mona Lisa alone took 12 years to paint.

A painter develops a lot of pride for their painting. Once completed, many present their piece of art in public places. It brings joy to see the amount of time and effort put into the painting was all worth it.

The Mona Lisa is completely and utterly a reflection of Leonardo da Vinci. When experts comment on the painting, they direct all praise to him, the painter.

Someone said, “A piece of art cannot boast of itself — it can only boast of its creator.”

As a Christian we believe there are two masters, painting two different masterpieces of your life. Both desire to finish their painting.

Ephesians 2:10: For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Another translation uses the word masterpiece for workmanship.

Each craftsmen, artist, professional has a couple special tools they use to perform their job well.

A big part of what makes a professional so professional is the quality of tool that they use.

A painter will have a go to brush for fine touch-up work. A carpenter will have a special saw he uses for that perfect cut.

An artist will use the right brush for the texture they need.

The landscaper will use the sharpest trimmer he has to shape the bushes.

The barber will have the perfect pair of scissors to get the haircut just right.

If you don’t read anything else please, read this.

The greatest “go to” tool for our master is humanity.

The brush or ink pen if you will in the hand of the master, is other people.

When God blesses you, it will be from another human. When God encourages you, it will come from the mouth of another person, or a book written by another person.

When God adds a stroke to the canvas of your life, He will use someone to do so. Their situation, their words of life, their special touch, their presence in your time of need.

As you read this, your minds are all thinking back to all the times people have made such an impression on your life. Made a difference in your situation. Made a memory you won’t forget.

At the same time as you think of the one who made a positive impact, there is someone that would think of a person who made an negative impact on your life. Once someone gets hurt by people, what do they do?

They hide, they isolate, they run away from people.

The very thing that God uses to heal you, the enemy of your soul tries to use to hurt you.

Not all people are bad, but once you’ve been hurt, you look at them through hurt eyes and all you see is someone else trying to hurt you.

However, when you’ve been blessed, or someone has brightened your day, you look through the eyes of someone who has been lifted, and you look for someone else to lift up.

Remember the two masters making a masterpiece. If they both use humanity, that means the people you surround yourself with will determine what your canvas looks like.

The amazing thing is, as you have people in your life that brighten your day, you have the choice to be that same person in someone else’s life.

I challenge you to be a ray of light in some ones darkness. You never know what battles people are fighting. Just because they are smiling doesn’t mean they are not broken. Add to someone’s painting; don’t try to destroy it.

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