Faith column: God has a plan |

Faith column: God has a plan

Now would you agree that God has a purpose and plan for each and every life? Even those that do not believe in God would be lying if they did not admit to wondering why they were on earth, or what their purpose was. 

Whether a person is obeying or in rebellion, God has a plan for each and every one that ever lived or ever will. That plan and purpose is so that primarily they would know Him and come to knowledge of Him and therefore have a life that glorifies Him. That life is best and most abundant.

Now, we all have concerns and needs and demands of life. So often we bring them to the Lord because they can consume at times. Each of us has had dire needs throughout life. There is a time or perhaps a myriad of times we can think to crying out to the divine for help. Many that do not serve God have caught themselves at times screaming out for aid in a time of tragedy or pain.

That is what happens in life so much. The asking.

I want to stress that God is not in the business of taking people and making them robots. He did not take us and just demand service either. God is after something deeper and far more lasting.

I think of a man that was in the absolute height of his need in the scriptures. Not only was he dying but he was rotting away and ostracized from society. He shows us something amazing about the design of Gods kingdom.

Matthew 8:1-3

1 When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.

2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

Key in on the order here, this is so important. First, he worships, then he asks. The worship first and the need second. This is the place the omnipotent God wants to take all people but only few will come. 

God is making worshipers. You see that there was a request and a need but what God wants is worship. That is what He is in the business of doing in some of us that are willing. Making worshipers. Not just “askers”, but those that praise in the very pangs of the need.

This is also a place of maturity. We desperately want to seek aid from those around us or from friends and family. Many just immediately take every problem to God and that is good but only in the right order. He is worthy of all adoration and worship before your petition.

Do not let your need drive you to your knees in mere petition and asking, but let it drive you to your knees in worship and trust first. That is so important for us believers to learn. 

Yes God provides, yes He answers, yes He gives and meets our needs but what He is making and crafting is worshipers. Remember in your times of greatest need you cannot teach Him or educate Him about the situation. He already knows. What He wants is worship. Remember when we stand before Him in Glory there will be a chorus of voices in worship, not requests.

Reverend Wyatt Stockton is the pastor at Ridgeview Church of God. You can reach Pastor Wyatt at 

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