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Editorial: Take a minute to be grateful and think positive

  • Craig Press Editorial Board:
  • Sheli Steele, Craig Press General Manager
  • Joshua Carney, Craig Press Editor
  • Kandee Dilldine, community member
  • Randy Looper, community member

As we’re stuck in the dog days of summer in the scorching heat here in Northwest Colorado, and large wildfires burn around us, negativity is rearing its ugly head here in Moffat County.

Whether it is complaining about the weather, or the lack of parking downtown, it seems to always be something, which allows that negativity to spread like…well, wildfire within this community.

Maybe your favorite shop is out of a product you like, or the grocery store doesn’t have your favorite brand of milk in stock when you’re shopping. Maybe you’re upset someone is or isn’t wearing a mask in public, or maybe you’re upset your neighbor supports a presidential candidate you don’t like.

Whatever it is, let it go. Think about the people actually struggling. Firefighters are on the lines, healthcare workers show up every day to keep us safe, shop keepers are doing their best to keep shelves full of inventory.  We all know nothing about the battle each other is facing.

Our mind is always occupied by thoughts, whether we want to or not, and they influence our every action. Letting little inconveniences upset you can change your whole mood in an instant. That mood can carry over to others, which then starts a chain reaction on and on and on down the line.

Instead of complaining, being upset, or arguing on social media (news flash: that person you’re arguing with isn’t going to change their opinion on the topic at hand), take a second to calm down and be grateful about things happening in your life. Take a deep breath and remember we have it pretty good here in Craig. The extra block you may have to walk to get to the bakery is nothing compared to the sprawling parking lot of cars in the mall in the city.

We have places to go that will let you shop without a mask. Although we smell the smoke we are not on evacuation notice. 

Yes, times are still tough right now for everyone, but reflecting on things you have to be grateful for can change your mood and make you happier. That same change in emotion internally can carry over to others, much like a negative feeling can.

We have much to be grateful for and positive about here in our corner of the state. While the smoke from the Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek fires is tough to deal with for many here in Moffat County, we currently don’t have any active fires within the county.

We continue to have some freedoms as a county that others across Colorado don’t have, and we just had an awesome fair that allowed the 4-H kids to show off their animals and try to make a profit in the livestock sale.

Speaking of the sale, it was likely the best one Moffat County has ever had, at least in terms of early numbers being reported. That’s some great positivity right there, especially for the 4-H kids!

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