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Editorial: Support our teachers as we all return to school

New teachers in Moffat County School District gather in the district administration building.
Moffat County School District/Courtesy Photo
  • Craig Press Editorial Board:
  • Sheli Steele, Craig Press General Manager
  • Joshua Carney, Craig Press Editor
  • Kandee Dilldine, community member
  • Randy Looper, community member

In a normal year, back-to-school time brings great joy to all involved. 2020 has been anything but a normal year, though, and as the days tick closer to a return to in-person learning for many, stress and anxiety levels are high not only for parents, but teachers and administrators as well.

From the smell of new pencils, to the myriad of choices in glue sticks to the decision to purchase college or wide-rule paper we now add a few more school supplies to the list: masks and personal hand sanitizer.

While the coronavirus is by no means tamed and anytime people gather, there’s a chance of one person spreading it to another, we also understand the importance of school and in-person learning for students. We commend our administrators,  teachers, and staff for listening to our community and providing options for everyone.

Regardless of where you stand on the mask mandate, it’s time to unite for what’s most important these next few months: the education of our children and the safety and security of each and every student and staff member inside the buildings within Moffat County School District. Children learn what they live and portray the attitudes and virtues expressed by their caregivers.  Despite how you may feel about the regulations set forth by the district to reopen our schools, we encourage you to express positivity and praise for the administration doing their best in an uncertain environment. 

Some may see the return to school as no big deal in the middle of a pandemic that they don’t believe in. Others are anxious and concerned.   Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision here other than the decision to protect our friends, neighbors, and educators.  For some teachers in our district, they may end up having to make a choice similar to those made by doctors, nurses and store clerks months ago: Go to work and accept a certain amount of exposure to the virus, or stay home and risk losing a paycheck.

We fully understand that is a difficult decision to make and it isn’t fair that people are put in that position through no fault of their own.

But little about the current pandemic is fair.

What we can be as a community is just that: fair. Add in a dose of understanding, a sprinkle of compassion, and a splash of calm and we just might be able to get through this. At the end of the day, we all have the same goal in mind: educate, support and provide interaction for our students.

Much like we stepped up to support our local businesses and show how much we cared for them when the pandemic first hit, we must support our teachers and administrators with that same passion as schools reopen. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for teachers to try and adjust their teaching styles in the middle of all this while trying to keep their students and fellow staff members safe.

Really, they’re building the plane while flying it.

If you haven’t thanked a teacher recently, find an excuse to do so. They deserve every word of gratitude they can get. Make sure that support carries through the school year.

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