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Editorial: Look not behind you on the negative, but ahead of you and the positive opportunities that await

Craig Press Editorial Board

– Sheli Steele, General Manager

– Joshua Carney, Editor

– Brittany Young, community member

– John Anderson, community member

As a rough 2020 comes to a close, we should not look behind us at the struggles that this year brought. Instead, we should look ahead to 2021 as a year or opportunity: opportunity to get involved in the community through boards on the county and city side to make a real impact.

There’s opportunity to shape this community’s future through involvement on the boards. In a year in which Just Transition has had such an impact on Moffat County and other coal communities, we could really turn a negative into a positive and use 2021 as a full year of transition on a lot of things.

Too often, community members voice their displeasure with decisions made by local elected officials or community board members, stressing that their voices aren’t being heard.

Rather than letting that thought process continue to build and grab hold in the community, take the time to get involved locally and truly make an impact through key decisions. Find something you care about and get involved.

Just for example, Moffat County is searching for volunteers for the following boards:

– Council on Aging (1 voting seat/1 alternate seat – 4 yr term)

– Hamilton Community Center (3 voting seats – 3 yr term)

– Housing Authority Board (1 seat – 5 yr term)

– Land Use Board (4 voting seats/4 alternate seats – 3 yr terms)

– Library Board of Trustees (2 seats – 5 yr term)

– Local Marketing District Board (1 seat – 3 yr term)

– Maybell Commnity Board (5 seats – staggered terms)

– Memorial Regional Health Board of Trustees (2 seats –5 yr term)

– Moffat County Tourism Association (must be employed in tourism related industry)(3 voting seats– 3 yr terms)

– Noxious Weed Advisory Board (3 voting seats/1 alternate seat – 3 yr terms)

– Planning & Zoning Commission (1 voting seat & 2 alternate seats – 3 yr terms)

Letters of interest for sports on each board will be accepted through Jan. 8, 2021.

Take the hard lessons we’ve unfortunately had to learn in 2020 and grow from them. Be the change you wish to see. Be positive, look ahead to the future and realize opportunity awaits.

Even if you feel you don’t have the time or the desire – or both – to get involved on a community board or run for office, take the time to get engaged – not just on social media – in your community. Volunteer somewhere. Find what you’re passionate about in our wonderful corner of the state and pursue it.

Rather than reflecting consistently on what a rough year 2020 was, change your outlook and work to make 2021 a great year.

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