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Editorial: Let’s do our best to not forget the Class of 2020

As the number of days closed crept higher and higher, and the calendar moved deeper and deeper into the month of April, it was all but a formality that the 2019-20 academic school year was on its last legs.

Tuesday’s announcement by Governor Jared Polis that all face-to-face schooling was closed for the rest of the school year shouldn’t have come as a surprise to students, parents, and teachers, but it darn sure hurts.

A senior’s final year in high school is supposed to be the best time of their life to that point. All that hard work over the years is close to paying off, life changes are on the horizon like going to college, moving away from home, or starting a new job and a new life.

While that can all still happen for the Class of 2020, the novel coronavirus has thrown a huge wrench into their current lives and future plans.

Instead of enjoying the last three months of their time inside the halls of Moffat County High School, they’ve been stuck at home, forced to adjust on the fly, completing course work online just to make sure they graduate.

Instead of making more memories in the spring around the lunch table or in the halls between classes with friends, they’re stuck inside their own homes, likely going stir crazy.

There’s no senior prom, no senior awards or acknowledgements, no scholarship presentations, no senior letters, no sharing of college acceptances or final high fives from teammates and coaches as they walk away from their high school athletic or scholastic career, no seeing their friends for the last time in class, no senior send-off as they run through the halls. There’s none of that.

Graduation is up in the air at this point too. They might not get the chance to walk across that stage with their family in the bleachers, receive their diploma and take that graduation picture seemingly all of us have somewhere in our homes.

Members of the Class of 2020 have worked so hard dating back to kindergarten to be the best academically in their class, while others have worked to be the first person to graduate in their family – a major accomplishment in its own right.

Some have worked to be accepted into college or the military and will serve our country after their time at MCHS is over. Others have plans to work in their family’s business, go on to learn a trade or stay and contribute to our wonderful town well into the future.

This is a tough time overall for seniors in general, and with the continued bad news of school remaining closed and those last activities being gone for good, they need our support now, and moving forward.

The whole situation is hard on everyone involved, including teachers, administrators, parents, and underclassmen. Parents are forced to become in-home teachers, students have to adjust to learning through technology full-time, and teachers have to come up with creative ways to teach their lesson plans through technology.

Any way you look at this situation the coronavirus has created within the schooling system, it’s hard not to feel for all those involved. Where it tugs at the heartstrings the hardest though is those seniors.

This was their year, and a virus stole that from them and their families.

The community as a whole has done a great job supporting the senior class; let’s make sure that doesn’t stop anytime soon.

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